Rotary Milking Platforms & Milking Sheds

Careful consideration has been given to making a bail suitably configured to accept today’s modern milking machinery. Cluster washers, cup removers and milkmeters are just a few of the components you may want to add to your new Donald Platform and with our designs it’s easy.

Brackets for cup remover rams are already in place as with most other brackets needed to correctly install ancillary milking equipment.
At Donald Engineering we are flexible enough to add or change the design to suit your particular needs.

These pictures illustrate a bail design suitable for most milking systems equipment. All Donald bails are made from galvanised pipe, fitted with purpose built bracketing with an option to hot dip galvanise for maximum protection, durability and longer life. Care is taken to ensure you get the best value for money when you buy a Donald Platform.

Milk hoses can be fitted through our alignment slots or deck port on top of the platform – or made specifically to your individual requirements.

Platform drivers and rollers form a pivotal role in the successful operation of your new rotary. At Donald Engineering we ensure you have one heavy duty, high tensile roller for every 1.5 bail guaranteeing the load is spread evenly and the platform is well supported or our double beam and two roller per bail nylon roller system

Our drive units are proven over many years of service. Each platform is supplied with a heavy duty dual motor drives connected to variable speed control system and operated from either one of two control consoles placed strategically around the platform. D gates protect your animals from harm and are connected to the control system.

rotary milking platform roller bearing
Fully Adjustable High Tensile Steel
4 bearing Roller
Rotary milking shed double beam roller
Double Beam Nylon Roller System
Hose Alignment SLots
Deck Ports