Donald Engineering

Donald Engineering Ltd began in 1974, with 21-year old Colin Donald making grain crushers in a farm shed. In 1976, thebusiness had grown so much that Colin employed an engineer and mechanic and purchased the Wright Car Garage in Salford St, Edendale, where the business operated from for the next 34 years. The same year, Donald Engineering built the first rotary milking shed in the area. Since then they have built more than 500 rotary and herringbone sheds.

When he first started building rotary milking sheds, Colin used the design model of a North Island company. The design used steel as the base of the platform the cows stood on while being milked. Fourteen years later Mr Donald decided to design his own rotary sheds (Donald Rotary Platforms) using concrete for the platform instead of steel. At the time he had the idea there was a market for concrete platforms and time has proved him right.Donald Rotary Platforms

The first rotary sheds built by Donald Engineering were 17 bail sheds, 2 years later they constructed a 36 bail shed and nowadays sheds are up to 80 bails.

Donald Engineering build milking sheds throughout the South Island – it takes a teamĀ  of five workers a week to build a platform and another week for two workers to finish the pipe work and the yards.

The rotary sheds can be constructed as a kitset and have been shipped as far away as Australia and the United States.

Showroom displayDonald Engineering currently has a staff of 12 people, with the longest serving staff member having been there since 1985. In 2008, Colin and his son Rob went into partnership in the business.

The company now has a new purpose built building on State Highway 1 south of Edendale, next to Southern Roses. Aside from a large workshop area and offices, there is also a spare parts department where customers can buy items including components for milking sheds, drive belts, bearings, hydraulic fittings, hoses and pipe fittings.

In 2010 became an agent for Read Milking Systems meaning Donald Engineering Ltd can service even more of their customer’s needs.

Read Milking Systems