Read Milking Systems

Read Milking Systems have been associated with the Dairy Industry for over 85 years, During that time we have built a reputation amongst farmers as being a leader in supplying top quality milking equipment, our reliability is second to none!

Our clients include 4th generation farmers.
You can’t beat that experience.

Read’s are able to supply both Herringbone and Rotary Milking Systems to suit all types of designs and sizes of farm dairies, We will work with owners to provide a system that meets their particular requirements.


Our Herringbone Systems suit all designs of dairies. From the receiver at one end, to a gull wing, with receiver in the centre.

Read’s have built Herringbone Milking Systems from 8 to 60 sets of cups.
Mostly traditional swing over as well as doubled up & twin pit designs.


Read’s have been building Rotary Milking Systems for over 30 years and are able to incorporate all of the components of our Herringbone Systems that make them so reliable.

From as small as 20 bails up to 100 bails. No project is too small or too large!
Both internal & external systems can be fitted on all brands of platforms.

There is no need to enter the center for any part of the milking or wash cycle, as all our components can be operated from the outside of the platform at any stage.

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