Read Milking Systems

Donald Engineering partner with Read Industrial to supply Read Milking Systems. The Read Milking systems are known to be low maintenance, high-quality systems. They’re simple milking systems using high-quality materials and the latest in technology to bring you efficient and effective milking.

Read Industrial Milking systems come with:

  • Sliding mechanical pulsators which come with a ten-year guarantee
  • Cluster claw pieces with a lifetime guarantee
  • A vacuum system powered by a liquid-ring pump with a service life of 20-30 years
  • Milk filters and plate coolers with options for serial unit installation


Rotary Milking Systems

Read Industrial rotary milking systems offer semi-automated dairy milking technology coupled with reliable mechanical pulsation. The system is both efficient and low maintenance. Rotary systems are practical and simple to operate. Read Industrial rotary platforms are available in anything from 20 to 100 bails or more.

Read Industrial rotary milking systems are made to last, with inherent reliability and ruggedness that makes them stand the test of time in New Zealand’s hardworking dairy industry. They also have the option of coming with a range of automation upgrades that make them easier on the operator and the herd. They can come with automated cup removers with programmable parameters to tailor milking machine performance to individual herds, automated bail arm control, and automated teat spraying. All Read rotary systems come with sliding mechanical pulsators which are guaranteed for 10 years. Read Industrial rotary platforms have a great balance between new technology and established mechanical reliability, making them a popular chose with dairy farmers in New Zealand and overseas.

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Herringbone Milking Sheds

Read Industrial herringbone milking systems offer a simple, cost-effective solution for smaller herd sizes. The herringbone milking parlours also include mechanical pulsation. For this reason, they continue to milk season after season with little maintenance. Available from 8 bails to 60 bales, and suitable for traditional swing-over layouts, as well as double up and twin pit dairies. They can also come with electronic cup removers.

Read Industrial herringbone systems are suitable for any plant layout, including double-up and twin-pit designs. It’s also easy to expand on an existing Read herringbone plant, with existing pulsation and vacuum lines simply added to. Additions like automatic cup removers and more can be added to improve milking efficiency. Existing herringbone plants can also be retrofitted with Read Industrial technology.

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